GRC is a discipline that aims to synchronize information and activity across governance, risk management and compliance in order to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, more effectively report activities and avoid wasteful overlaps.


Today’s Corporations face an array of technological and strategic challenges that are more complex and dynamic than ever. These risks range from cyber threats and new and emerging technologies, to shifting compliance regulations, governance protocols, and accounting and tax requirements. In the face of these challenges, Signum Co. Ltd professionals must implement strategies and tactics for managing audit, compliance and risk that keep their organizations competitive and vital.


Signum’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services assist clients confront the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, anti-fraud and financial advisory services. We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.


Our services encompass:

Governance and oversight (at the board level)

  • Help develop governance strategies, structures, policies and procedures to support effective board and management alignment.
  • Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting


Enterprise Risk Management

  • We integrate strategic planning and risk management processes so that our clients can make risk-informed decisions and allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure.
  • Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks
  • Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities



Corporate Compliance & Regulatory

  • We provide services across a wide range of legislative and regulatory compliance requirements.